Day 31-65


While the withdrawal symptoms did not hit me for 21 days after first decreasing my dose, this was not the case for the following decreases. I seemed to balance out after seven days and was ready to decrease again. After going from 15 to 10mg, I immediately felt the return of withdrawals.

I would hit a wall around 5-7pm. It felt like my body just ran out of serotonin in the evening. When this would happen, I would feel very agitated, and any little thing would seem to cause me to become angry. It was a lot of work to calm myself down and realize that my negative emotions were caused by withdrawals and to not act on them.

I also seemed to fixate on random things, and I had a hard time not thinking about them. I had the same song stuck in my head for an entire month, and nothing I could do would get it to change.

A few times I felt like I had a fever even though I checked it, and the thermometer read normally. I would try to lay down while I felt bad, but I would get restless.

Even when I did not feel like I had a fever, I caught myself pacing around the house and I would try to sit down but was too restless to do it. After pacing for about half an hour, I would finally calm down.

The worst thing I noticed during this decrease was that my nausea doubled. The ginger candy did not settle my stomach anymore. Several times I ended up vomiting.

I started to search for something better to calm my stomach issues. On the recommendation from a friend I tried drinking three drops of Young Living peppermint essential oil in water. Young Living produces incredibly high-quality essential oils and from what I have heard nothing comes close to what they produce.


The problem you may run into is that this company operates on a multilevel marketing structure similar to Advocare. So if you don’t want to become a distributor and pay a monthly fee, you will have to find someone who is to purchase from. The company has grown to be quite large and a simple internet search should find a distributor nearby.

I think I paid around twenty dollars for my bottle. Just know that this oil is very effective, and you will only need a couple of drops at a time. I used it every day for two months and wasn’t even half way through my bottle. Now I no longer need to use it every day, and I still have plenty left.

This decrease from 15-10 was I believe the most difficult. I stayed at 10mg for five extra days before decreasing again to 5mg.


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