Call me Jon.

Today marks the seventh day of my life without taking the prescription drug Lexapro. It is a huge accomplishment for me, and if you have taken Lexapro and tried to stop you understand why.

One-Hundred and twenty-two days ago I sat in front of my psychiatrist and told him that I wanted to come off of my medication. He was supportive and acted like it would be no big deal at all. He gave me some advice on how to handle tapering and said that most people “do not experience any withdrawal” from this anti-depressant. So I paid the man one-hundred dollars for our ten-minute conversation and went home.

The following weeks turned into a living hell for me. I started searching the internet for people who were going through the same struggle of getting off of their antidepressant. The stories I read from others started to scare me, and I started to see terrible patterns emerging. I read countless stories but only found one or two where people claimed to have successfully come off and stay off of their pills.

I want to add a story of success to the many narratives of pain and frustration that I poured through.

I want to tell you that it is possible to live life again after antidepressants. I want to spread hope to others who might feel hopeless and stuck in withdrawal symptoms.

I can honestly tell you this is the hardest thing I have ever been through but along the way I have picked up several tools that have helped make it easier.

If I can do this then so can you!

I want to help as many people as I can. I already have seen a huge change in my life for the better.

I plan on being as transparent about my life as is beneficial to anyone that may find themselves here looking for help and answers in their journey to kick antidepressants goodbye.

I’m glad your here, and I hope that I can help!


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